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For more details about NFTs please visit decuplenft.com

418 $418
- 1.28% Volume:109,267,865.92 BUSD
3499 $3500
- 1.79% Volume:541,545,011.76 USDT
35.00 $35
+ 3.78% Volume:63,324,607.43 BUSD BUSD
0.8413 $1
- 1.11% Volume:28,538,521.44 USDT

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Faxen is more than just a cryptocurrency trading platform.it's the best place to earn by investing in crypto

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Faxen Roadmap.

We are planning to achieve greatness.

Faxen Tokenomics

We are building a self-sustaining ecosystem using the FAX token.

Any remaining allocated funds will be transferred to the DAO if goals
are met ahead of schedule.

This chart details how we intend to spend the FAX token in order to benefits users, developers, and the overall growth and sustainability of the Faxen platform.

The Faxen Vesting plan involves the seasonal release of tokens based on our team and users' performance. This process incentivizes members' accountability and enthusiasm to ensure the steady release of FAX tokens.

Fax token has multiple use cases within the Faxen ecosystem. It is used as an LP token, which allows users to provide liquidity for trading pairs and earn rewards from transaction fees. The token can also be used in a crypto loan system, where users can borrow or lend cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can receive a bonus for depositing Fax tokens into their trade accounts.

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